I’m guiri

I’m guiri

Permanently provisional english version

Welcome guiri! This page is dedicated to the memory of Don Pimpom. If you haven’t visited our country, you won’t probably know who or what it is. We assume you are busy enough eating paella, having long sun baths, and (most of all) drinking sangria.

It’s difficult to explain to guiris who Don PimPom is. He is like the kids’ hero, the spiritual leader that guides the children. He teachs all of us the basic things of life, he prepares us for the future. But he isn’t what he seems.

We are working hard to transmit around the world our gigantic knowledge, using obnubilant psicostories, musical masterpieces, philosophy lessons, and scientific knowledge. By the moment we can offer you the fisrt episode of the most famous postume nobel by Alexander Rodin: Panic in the Sewers: The Sesame Neighborhood.

Panic in the Neighborhood

La inedit novel of Alexander Rodín, where Jack & Harris scan the Sesame’s dirty holes

But we haven’t enough power to translate it to all the languages. If you don’t want to learn neither Spanish nor Catalan you can do tree things:

  • Learn Spanish and Catalan
  • Ask to your girlfriend to translate the pages to you
  • Use a translator program
  • Simply watch the drawings

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